Snježana Ivetić

PhD student​​​​


I am interested in the interactions between heterotrophic microbes and dissolved organic matter in different Red Sea environments, from a biogeochemical and potentially molecular biology perspective​​​.

Research Interests

Bacteria, Flow Cytometry, Marine Ecology, Fluorescent Dissolved Organic MatterDissolved Organic Carbon

Selected Publications

Importance of sampling frequency when collecting diatoms. Wu N, Faber C, Sun X, Qu Y, Wang C, Ivetic S, Riis T, Ulrich U, Fohrer N. Scientific Reports 6:36950 (2016)


B.Sc., General Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012
M. Sc., Ecohydrology, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany, 2014

Professional Profile

2016-now: PhD student, KAUST

2016: Internship at the Red Sea Research Centre, KAUST

2014: Laboratory technician at University of Kiel, Germany 

2010: Internship at University of Lodz, Department of Eco physiology and Plant Development, Poland

KAUST Affiliations

Red Sea Research Centre (RSRC)​​​
Biological and environmental science and engineering division (BESE)​